Have you ever attended a performance or movie, or given a presentation that required concentration, only to have someone in the audience obliviously carrying on a conversation? Until it actually happens to you, it is easy to forget how inconsiderate and disrespectful this behavior is to the artist on stage and other individuals who have taken their time, and/or paid, to attend. Think how you would feel if you were sharing a deeply personal story and someone started talking over you? It is much the same when a musician is sharing their story and you talk through it... Please don't do that here.

We want Harmony Hill to be considered a listening venue where appreciation of the music is the focal point, with no distractions. If you want to sit inside, we ask that you show respect for the performers, and one another, by not talking and by turning your phone ringer off. We offer outdoor seating for anyone who would like to visit while enjoying the music from the outdoor speakers.


We certainly do not mean that you cannot interact with the band and other guests when appropriate. Some bands are rowdy, some not. We just ask that you respect the mood being created by the band, and other members of the audience, and trust your intuition. Don't make us come over there....  ; )

Thank you!