We originally built our “party barn” as a place to gather to share time with friends and our love of music. During nice weather we enjoy camping trips with our friends. However, there weren't many options when weather was cold or rainy. We decided that we needed to build a place so we could all camp together on our property and stay warm and dry. We started working on plans for this barn and eventually it evolved into this amazing place where our friends and family love to visit!

We kept getting asked if we would rent the barn for weddings and other events. At some point along the way, we decided that maybe it was a good idea. It didn't seem fair to not share it with others! We have hosted weddings, vow renewals, many parties, a celebration of life, and a couple of benefits. It was very important to us to design the space for the best music playing and listening experience. We have been fortunate to have input from numerous musicians and sound experts for setting up our sound system.


During one of our live music events, a friend came up with the perfect name “Harmony Hill”. When our friends and family gather here, you actually feel  the harmony, and when the music begins, you hear  it too! We hope to share the magic of Harmony Hill with many others!